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New Age music

For over a quarter century, Kitaro has been an internationally recognized icon, globally acclaimed composer and musician. He’s one of the founding architects of the New Age music category and movement.

Lara Fabian

Pop/Pop rock/Acoustic/Dance

In 2017, Lara announces the upcoming release of “Camouflage”, her first original English album since more then a decade. “Camouflage” will be released worldwide in fall 2017. A first single, “Growing Wings”, is released on August 4th

José Carreras

Opera singer (tenor)

Spanish tenor José Carreras gained international acclaim as an opera singer, and became even more popular with his performances as one of the Three Tenors.

Dj Drummer Jay

House/Vocal House/Percussion

“DRUMMER JAY” – A First Time Ever, One of a Kind Show Style.
Until recent, he has been DJ’ing around the world feeding and satisfying the crowds with his up-rhythm tempo House/Vocal House style sets and Gypsy-Latin percussion beats. It’s impossible to resist moving your body to his tunes! New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Los Angeles, Ibiza, Santa Domingo, Guatemala, Istanbul, Chesme, Kushadasi, Antalya are few of the places that he has been Frequently.

The Illuminaire


A radiant production of Light, Fire and the elusive Atlantean energy source. The Illuminaire takes audiences into spectacular visual realms as the ancient island-city emerges to fulfil its destiny toward the enlightened future of humanity. Atlantis is awakened a second time – this time to help keep its secret alive, to make sure that the source is found, and to ensure the sacred energy will guide humankind on a more gracious and noble path.

Fuerza Bruta

Dynamic theater experience

Fuerza Bruta - the famous Broadway show - is an event that overwhelms the feelings and reality is surpassed. The human show, combined with the psychedelic music and with the crazy visual effects surround the spectators 360 degrees around and create and unforgettable experience!